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SERIES 1100 Globe Single Seated 2-WAY VALVE 2-Way Valve

s  Precision Control is its forte.
It is excellent in handling clean fluids, Gases and Steam.
Noise abating Trim designs available.
It satisfies the majority of applications except very high flow rates. o Sizes : 15 NB thru 750 NB
Rating: ANSI 150 thru ANSI 1500# (Higher ratings not applicable to all sizes)

SERIES 2000 Globe Double Seated 2-Way Vavle

r  The trim is inherently pressure balanced
It verywell handles unclean fluids, Gases and Steam
Low noise trims are also available o Preferred in refineries and industries wherever the fluid contains sediments, Solid particles and also precision is equally important
Sizes : 40 NB thru 1500 NB
Rating: ANSI 150 thru ANSI 900# (Higher ratings available on request)

Series, 5000 Globe Angle Valve

5000-GLOBE  It is most suitable for Severe, Abrasive, Erosive, Slurry applications. However, needs application engineering on case-to-case basis
Handles flashing the best o Sizes: 25 NB thru 900 NB
Rating: ANSI 150 thru ANSI 900# (Higher ratings available on request) o Higher Size available in fabricated economical version also

Series 1500-MH Globe Metal Housed Teflon Valve

1500-MH-Globe Globe Metal Housed Teflon Valve “Costi Effective” and excellent in handling  highly corrosive Fluids, Acids
The valve design is proven
Higher PTFE valve thickness as 6mm minimumm
Maximum pressure 10 Bar
Maximum temperature: 180 C
Sizes: 15 NB thru 80 NB
Rating: ANSI 150-#

Series 7400 High Performance


Series 7400 High Performance Butterfly Valve

Series 7400 Aluminium Bronze

butterflay Double Eccentric Disc design impart extremely high Edge to suit various demanding applications
Valves designed to achieve bi-directional tight shut off for sizes upto 3000 NB ( with Elastomer soft seat)
Wide choice of various seat moc: EPDM / VITON / PTFE / RTFE (GFT) SS316
 Choices of End Connections Wafer / Lugged / Flanged
 Face to face dimensions available as per International standards
 Fire safe design as per API 607 available
Blow out proof stem design
 Size 50NB thru 3000 NB
 Valve ratings PN-1, PN-2.5, PN-6, PN-10, PN-16, PN-25, PN-40/ ANSI 150# / 300# ( ANSI 600# available on request)

Series 7600 Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

SERIES-7600 Metal to metal Tight shut-off
 Inherently Fire Safe Design
 Laminated Seats
Suitable to handle high temperature and abrasive application o Bidirectional
Sizes 3″ through 48″
 Rating ANSI 150# , 300# & 600#

Valve Operators:

 Gear Box
Pneumatic Actuator
 Electric Actuator
 Hydraulic Actuator

Series 7600 Triple Offset Butterfly Valves